UFO: Multiple Extraterrestrial Craft Visitation Geelong Australia 2014.

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High Ranking Former/Retired U.S Military personnel, explain how UFO craft, are shutting down/disabling, nuclear missiles. Courtesy Robert Hastings: http://www.ufohastings.com/
Robert Hasting’s book: UFOs and Nukes available at http://www.ufohastings.com/book

There is no such thing as a UFO. it's all fake news!

Unknown Unexplainable High Tech/Intelligent Ufo Craft, captured on video.
Unknowingly captured on video during a approximate 49 minute, continuous camera test over Geelong Australia, June 28th 2014.
I have looked at every logical explanation for these craft and their behaviour, to determine that they are of human origin, and controlled in some way by humans, but have not been able to do so.NOTE: The date & time recorded in the videos are not correct, they are the ‘DEFAULT’ settings of the camera.http://illmagore.com/

VIDEO CLIP ONE: This clip shows the twin birth of two craft from an ‘Egg’, Oblong, pod type of craft.Watch closely, as the craft shoots out a powerful ‘THRUST’, before going into a downward roll/tilting manoeuvre, before giving birth to the two triangulish craft, also watch as the ‘SHADOW’ changes on the craft, as it tilts.
They also fly ‘INDEPENDENTLY’ of each other, the second craft pauses, and moves in a different direction to the first, in a highly intelligent manner.

VIDEO CLIP TWO: Just prior to the birth video of the two triangulish craft in the Geelong video, two other dark craft the ‘EXACT SAME SHAPE’, are seen ‘ZIG ZAGGING’ at ‘EXTREME’ speed, into the clouds.

My personal conclusion is that these UFO craft are indeed Extraterrestrial in origin, visiting this Earth, and that there is a deliberate/intentional policy as such, to keep the general population ignorant of this fact, including a surreptitiously orchestrated dis/misinformation strategy, for political and religious reasons, so to keep the status quo of power over the population, as it stands.

I also have the view that they would be extremely concerned that a life form such as ours, that can be so violent and destructive at times, is expanding into the Galaxy, and therefore, are keeping a close eye on us, ‘for the better’.
There indeed are higher forces in the Universe watching us.


Anatomically Modern Humans have only been around Approx: 200-300,000 years
in an estimated 13.7 Billion year old Universe.Wikipedia:
It is extremely plausible, that other advanced intelligent civilisations evolved before we did, 100s, 1000s, millions of years ago, and are capable of things we cannot comprehend.

Approximately 15 Months after my sighting, a witness in Omaha Nebraska, sees the ‘EXACT’ same shaped ufo craft, disguised as a cloud.

 John P. Timmerman

Excerpt, from retired USAF Lt. Colonel Halt’s personal audio recording, on the night of the Rendlesham forest UK nuclear missile base incident, of his and his security teams investigation, into the Ufo presence that night.
NOTE: You can hear a ‘SHHPP’ sound, just before they mention the beam coming from the craft to their feet.

A British Airways Captain in 1954, explains how he and his entire crew, and several passengers, witnessed for “Eighteen minutes”, a strange triangular craft accompanied by several smaller craft either end of it, and that he has no doubt, that it was under intelligent control.
NOTE: They mention that they “dissolve”as they disappear. This is most likely because of the extreme speed they are capable of as they left, shrinking to a pin point.

Four Illinois Police officers,  encounter several large UFO triangular craft close up, on the same early morning.

Former USAF 1st. Lieutenant Robert Jacobs, recounts how he unknowingly captures a UFO shooting down a “Dummy” warhead nuclear missile on film, and the repercussions that followed.


More High ranking former/retired Military personnel, come forward and confirm, that UFOs have disabled nuclear missiles.      Courtesy Robert Hastings:  http://www.ufohastings.com/documentary

Retired USAF Colonel Charles Halt, reveals how the air traffic controllers now admit, that they did track UFO craft over Rendlesham forest UK, and for fear that they might lose their jobs, kept quiet.

Two retired USAF Rendlesham forest air traffic controllers, explain what they experienced.

Former UK coal miner, captures a high speeding and hovering triangular craft, whilst testing a camcorder with friends, overlooking the UK town of Mansfield in 1994, as a helicopter tries to investigate it.

John Valenti recalls his UFO encounter as a teenager in 1975, whilst fishing with a friend.

Time scale of Anatomical Humans.

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